Real Women, Real Stories!

Relaxed & Healthy with Straight from Eden

Your hair is a journey, ever changing and ever growing, that’s why your beauty is all your own. Whether long and flowing, short and croppy, or in a bun, you love your hair and so do we! Creme of Nature Straight from Eden admires the nature of beauty, and gives real women the haircare they deserve.

Here are some incredible real women with incredible stories!

  • I love that this relaxer is naturally-derived. I think it's a great and new innovative way to relax your hair but also be healthy.
    Portia S.
    Decatur, GA
  • So I use the product as a texturizer to keep my hair smooth and healthy. I think I found my product!
    Fatimah T.
    Los Angeles, CA
  • It's made from avocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil. My hair feels so amazing — it's never felt this good!
    Rocio H.
    Brooklyn, NY
  • My hair feels so soft and moisturized. There's no lye, no sulfates, no mineral oils, no parabens or any of the other things I'm trying to avoid.
    Lauren Mechelle H.
    Philadelphia, PA
  • I can't keep my hands out of my hair. This relaxer provided so much bounce and wonderful shine. It's just great for your hair! It's healthy, no frizz, better than any other relaxer.
    Kemilah S.
    McDonough, GA
  • I have very thick hair. I still want my body, I don't want it to be flat and this actually gave me that!
    Rafaelle M.
    Atlanta, GA