Healthy & Long Fortifying

Hair Mask


Hydrate, restore softness, and strengthen hair with our Healthy & Long Fortifying Hair Mask infused with Aloe Vera Juice, Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Vitamins.


  • Instantly Hydrates Hair
  • Restores Softness
  • Improves Hair Strength & Elasticity

NO Sulfates*, NO Silicones*, NO Petrolatum*, NO Mineral Oil*

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Healthy & Long Fortifying Hair Mask
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 3 reviews
 by Rosalia

I had the most sensitive and driest scalp EVER and no shampoo no matter how medicated or expensive it was helped. I am sooo happy my local beauty supply store recommended this line. My scalp is healthy, moisturized and no longer irritated; my hair is healthy, shiny and hydrated. I am SOOOO happy I found this line of products, 10 out of 10!!! No matter your hair structure if you want a healthy scalp, this is the line for you!

 by Nyah

This really refreshes my curls. Similar to the effect of using bentonite clay without the mess. Smells great. I like the way it makes my hair feel. My curls are popping after too. Overall great product its a staple for me now.

 by Rose Haulsey

I absolutely love this product....all of them. The shampoo lathers well you need lessthan a dime sized amount, the mask is wonderful and the leave in is bomb! Haven't used the protein yet but I will today. I just need to find where to purchase more of the mask. That's the only item that is run out. This is the best CON product in a long time.