PLEX Breakage Defense System

PLEX Breakage Defense System

The NEW PLEX Breakage Defense System is formulated with strength building active ingredients proven to protect hair from the inside out for a noticeable difference you can see and feel after just 1 use*.

  • Reinforces & protects hair bonds
  • Fuels each strand with long-lasting strength
  • Helps reduce damage & breakage for longer & stronger hair




How often can I use the PLEX system?

The PLEX Breakage Defense System can be used as often as you like. Recommended to use weekly for severely damaged hair.

Can I use PLEX Bond-Mender Pre-Treatment immediately after applying a chemical (relaxer, bleach or permanent hair color)?

Yes, the PLEX Bond Mender Pre-Treatment can be applied immediately after any chemical processing services. The Bond Mender Pre-Treatment serves as extra protection against damage or breakage.

Can I use the PLEX Breakage Defense System in replacement of a protein treatment?

The PLEX Breakage Defense System does not replace a protein treatment. It works as a good conditioning agent.

Can I reorder the steps or will it not work if I change the steps?

No, the application process must follow the instructions provided.

If my hair is not damaged, how will this work for me?

Even if your hair is not currently damaged, the PLEX Breakage Defense System will help you maintain good hair health.

Will this system alter or fade my hair color?

No, the PLEX Breakage Defense System will not alter or change your hair color.

How long until I see improvement?

Best results are after 4 weeks of continued use.

Is this silicone-free?

The pre-treatment and shampoo are silicone free and the conditioner contains silicones.