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SINGLE PROCESS: This one step application process uses one color all over the head to create a new you with a new base color.

BALAYAGE: This fun highlighting technique gives beautiful contrast with natural effects by using the end of a comb to apply color to strands or sections of hair from roots to ends.

HIGHLIGHTS: Enhance your color by highlighting strands of your hair using a haircolor that is lighter than your natural or base color.

3D COLOR SMASH: Try this bold technique that uses 3 dimensional color to spice up your look like never before using one color as your new base and two colors to create dimension using a highlighting technique such as Balayage or traditional highlights.

OMBRE: You can’t go wrong with this trendy technique used to create a melting affect from dark to light using 2-3 colors.

COCKTAILING: Keep it simple or go bold by combining 2 or more shades to achieve the perfect custom color!

BLOCK COLORING: You’ll love this perfect technique that provides subtle dimension by coloring sections of the hair using shades within 2-3 levels of your natural or base hair color.