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Argan Oil from Morocco


Enhance your color by highlighting strands of your hair using a hair color from our Argan Oil from Morocco Exotic Shine™ Color collection that is lighter than your natural or base color.

Step 1

Drape towel over shoulder, put on gloves, and begin mixing hair color and creme color developer. Shake mixture until totally blended.

Step 2

Part hair into 4 sections and apply mixture to ½ inch sections using the tip of the bottle.

Step 3

Carefully massage color mixture throughout the hair with your fingertips

Step 4

Apply 7.3 Medium Warm Brown to the entire head of hair. Make sure hair is fully saturated with color mixture for best results. For short hair, use at least 2/3 of the bottle and for shoulder length to long hair, use the entire bottle

Step 5

Based on the condition of the hair, leave color mixture on hair as indicated below:

  • Chemically Treated Hair: 25 minutes
  • Natural Hair: 30 minutes
  • Gray or Resistant Hair: 30 minutes

Step 6

Add your highlights. Apply 10.01 Ginger Blonde highlights to streaks of hair during the last 3 minutes of processing.

Step 7

Rinse, shampoo, and condition. When time has expired, add warm water to hair and work into lather, then rinse until water runs clear. Shampoo well with Sulfate-Free Moisture & Shine Shampoo and rinse. Apply Intensive Conditioning Treatment to hair. Leave on hair for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Step 8

Treat and style. Snap off the plastic top of the Oil Treatment ampoule to open. Pour into hand then apply throughout damp or dry hair. For best results, use entire contents. Style as desired.

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